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By: Promita Mukherjee

Love supercars? Now find out more about them and catch these turn-ons on your telly

Is that a car? What is that car? Well, as cars that are deservedly tagged as 'supercars' zip by, this is the one thing one asks. And if you have missed them in action on our potholed roads (and unless someone mega rich lives in your locality), here's a chance to catch these beauties on screen with Nat Geo Supercars.

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This channel has pulled in some of the world's fastest and most powerful (not to mention droolworthy) supercars, caught them in their factories where they are made right from scratch and tested on the road thereafter. There are Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Porsches, Audis, Rolls Royces, Camaros and more.

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A grand total of 20! And introducing them is small-screen's one time heartthrob Rajeev Khandelwal. This is Khandelwal's first brush with supercars and the star is naturally thrilled. "I had posters of them in my room as a child," says the Jaipur lad. "And now I can sit in these cars and drive them. It would have been stupid had I said no," he adds. Khandelwal says he is doing the show for 'satisfaction'.

The actor will introduce each car to the audience before the start of every episode and the show takes on from there. Khandelwal admits that he is not a 'car freak'. "My love for cars surfaced after 2007 when I picked up a Scorpio and customised it. Now I understand cars a lot more," he says. And knows a lot more too, post show. "For one, I can now

pronounce all the names correctly," he says, tongue firmly in cheek. "Now I understand why they turn a man on," he says, laughing. Khandelwal doesn't have a favourite, though is a little partial to the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The show features the science, technology and behind the scenes manufacturing stories of the supercars. So you get to know about the Bugatti Veyron ” which is deemed as part automobile and part airplane that flies down the road at nearly one third the speed of sound, Maserati which is a blend of luxury and performance, the iconic Mercedes Benz, the American Viper (the show gives you a peep into the last 50 current generation Vipers), Dodge Challenger (a modern version of the 70s classic mixed with 21st century engineering), Bentley, Bond's favourite Aston Martin (the show captures the making of the One-77, right from the original tiny clay model in summer 2008 to the present hand-crafted, road tested one), Jaguar and others. So time to get drooling, we say!

On: National Geographic
Till: November 10
When: Monday-Friday, 10 pm

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